EMG-B Pickup For Bouzouki

  • £88.00

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EMG-B Pickup. EMG is a world leader in active pickups. Made specifically for a Bouzouki, 
the EMG-B pickup features an FT pickup with a bracket and battery mount, making it 
easy to attach to a bouzouki (or any other instrument which is similar in size).

Firstly, out of all the pickups I have tried, this one has a great sound and is extremely reliable.
The pickup uses 4 x CR2032 coin cell type batteries and you get a massive
3000 hours out of them. (Click on second image for battery detail)

Secondly, there is no external preamp as on some bouzouki
pickups and there isn't an expensive 9V battery (which is a nightmare to change) 
that has a limited operating time. You can also replace the batteries without removing
the strings. Other pickups come and go, but the EMG will always be around.
(batteries included)

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