Marshall Purple/Black Levant Tolex

Marshall Purple/Black Levant Tolex

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Marshall Original Purple/Black Levant Tolex. This is great for most Marshall amplifiers or a custom project. The tolex is sold 132cm wide and sold in 90cm increments. (Drop me an email with your name and address, if you need a sample. NB: ALL TOLEX AND GRILL CLOTH IS SOLD IN ONE UNCUT LENGTH WHATEVER THE AMOUNT ORDERED 

How much Tolex do I need? 

Firstly I base the amount of Tolex needed to cover a Marshall 1960A/B extension cabinet.

The dimensions of these cabinets are 830(H)x760(W)x360(D) in millimetres.

The width of the Tolex is as follows:

Marshall Black Elephant Grain Tolex is 1360mm wide

Marshall White Elephant Grain Tolex is 1275mm wide

Marshall Red Elephant Grain Tolex is 1340mm wide

Marshall Blue Elephant Grain Tolex is 1300mm wide

Marshall Purple Levant Tolex is 1330mm wide

Marshall Black Levant Tolex is 1260mm wide

Marshall Cream Levant Tolex is 1320mm wide

Marshall British Racing Green Levant is 1320mm wide

Marshall Purple/Black Levant Tolex is 1320mm wide

Therefore the amount you would require to cover the base, two sides, top and the back of the cabinet is 4500mm. Which means you would need to order 5 increments of 90cm.


Because of the width of the Tolex you could do 2 cabinets


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