Fender Pro Reverb (1969)

  • £1,300.00

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Model: Fender Pro Reverb
Speakers: Jensen C12N 50w each
Reverb/Vibrato Footswitch: Yes
Serial No: A12246
Year: 1969

I have for sale an original Fender Pro Reverb dated 1969.
It is in excellent condition. This is rated at 40 watts. 

I have for sale probably the best condition Fender Pro Reverb on eBay.
It originally had a USA transformer which I have replaced with an export transformer. When I first bought the amplifier it was completely modded and the faceplate had been chopped and drilled.

The grill cloth and tolex had to be replaced and a new point to point board remade to original spec. You have to try this amp, sounds amazing. This is my personal favourite out of my collection!
Please see attached photos and email me any questions. 

Thank you for looking!